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The Industry, 1350 S Colorado Blvd, Suite 171, Denver CO 80222


At russ salon, high style doesn’t come with high attitude. We partner with clients to create a healthy, personalized style that looks as amazing between visits as it does when you walk out our door.


Our stylists accentuate beauty from the inside out, improving your sense of self and overall well-being. In our approach … in our relationships … in our business practices … we strive to be:


We teach you what we know so you can maintain and love your style every day. It’s all about taking advantage of what’s there rather than struggling to put together a look that doesn’t fit. The end result is a collaborative effort, person to person, which russ salon takes very seriously.


The product lines at the salon embody our philosophy: They are natural, simple, and authentic. We have done all the research and chosen the best high-performance, natural and organic products that are safe for clients, stylists, and the environment. That’s why we carry Kevin Murphy styling products.

We help you discover your own unique beauty.


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Our entire philosophy is based on fostering beauty from the inside out.


russ salon schedules events throughout the year to foster community and engage with our clients. Snip & Tips are casual styling workshops for our clients and their friends. Art + Vogue unites eclectic groups and individuals for a delightful evening of flair and art.

russ salon continuously develops new partnerships to supporting local, small businesses like ourselves.  For event updates, you may either check our website or chat with your stylists.

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A great style should look just as good between visits as it does when you leave the salon.

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At russ. salon, we offer a direct line of communication to all of our stylists. If you have any questions or concerns, contact a stylist directly.

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russ salon with its urban, classic-chic design it’s a true gem within the East Colfax neighborhood. If you are in the neighborhood swing by to meet our stylists. If you are ready, book an appointment.

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The Industry, 1350 S Colorado Blvd, Suite 171, Denver CO 80222